Coolant improves tool life and work finish, but what to do if flood coolant is not an option (expense, mess, etc.), mist coolant is worth considering. The air forces chips out, so they are not recut, and a small stream of coolant quickly evaporates carrying heat away from the tool and work piece. The FogBuster is a great mist coolant delivery system, but the standard mechanism for holding the FogBuster makes it difficult to stay in one place and difficult to adjust for the best coolant application. Here we address those problems by adapting the FogBuster to a NOGA arm and attaching the NOGA arm to the head of a PM25 CNC mill.

The FogBuster came from Tormach and comes pre-installed with a 120V solenoid.
The KoolMist and NOGA arm came from Enco (now MSC Direct)