An improved spindle lock is added to the Precision Matthews PM25MV milling machine to safely and quickly change the tool. The improvements include a switch to tell LinuxCNC when the spindle is locked, preventing attempts at motion while locked, and a change that hastens operation. The spindle lock is installed inside of the head to avoid changing the belt drive or the belt guard. Faster tools changes greatly improves the productivity of the CNC conversion.

This is an update to this video.

I considered adding a switch several times but was not happy with the options. Generally, they were too large. Then AutomationDirect started selling the BP060A-L, a micro plunger switch (the smallest?) from Metrol.

Here is the exact Automation Direct item.

The spindle lock was designed in SolidWorks and CAM was developed in Fusion360.

The concept may be applicable to other mills including the Grizzly G0704 and Titan TM25.